Thursday, 29 August 2013

Getting to grips with grants...

Taking a slight time out here from my usual genie posts to let you know about something my wife's involved with!

Get to Grips with Grants is a company which was started up here in Largs in 2011 by Louise McCarron, on the back of some fundraising that she did locally for several non-profit bodies (schools, churches etc) looking to achieve grants for a variety of things, something which she has been so successful at that she has now formed a company to expand the work. Louise now has a team of five, including my wife Claire, who all work flat out to secure grant aided funding for a range of non-profit organisations.

If I tell you that they recently secured funding to help with a local community hall construction project here in Largs, or that my wife has just secured enough grant aided funding for the nursery that we used to send our youngest boy to for the purchase of a range of tuition material (including twenty iPads), you get the picture of what it is they do. Their website at outlines in a lot more detail what they have achieved already, and how they plan to develop further. (They are also on Twitter, @Get2GripsGrants)

It strikes me that many local museums, family history societies, local historical societies, and community projects across Scotland, and even further afield in the UK, must be looking for funding for a range of projects, particularly with Homecoming 2014 and the like approaching - hence why I'm posting this!

One of their recent successes was to secure major funding for Largs Events, for example (which brought the town Highland Games, battle re-enactments, and HMS Bangor docked at the quay for 2 days), and with Homecoming coming up, the anniversary of WW1 and more, there must be a fair few people out there also in need of some funding for projects?

My oppressor!
My suggestion is simple really - have a look at their website and see if you think they might be able to help you. If anything comes of it, let me know - I can then ask my wife to make a cup of tea as a thank you without pleading mournfully (honest, you have NO idea...!). :)

Before you ask - I'm not on the payroll...! Just seriously impressed with what they've achieved already - see for some of the things they've done!

I'll have that tea now Claire... :)


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