Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Haggis - the shocking truth...

I know it is Burns Night and all that, but there comes a time when one must reveal the horrors of our society in all their true manifestation. Personally I am a bit bah humbug about some of the stuff they'll have ye believe is a true representation of Scottish culture (they'll be inventing religion next!).

However, tolerable as one has to be amidst such nonsense, I ABSOLUTELTY DRAW THE LINE at what some will do to fulfil such traditions.

Ladies and gentlemen, the terrifying evidence...

Not from this wee shuggie actually... this is from Mr Paton the Butcher, who lives down the road from me in Largs...!

Mr Paton - haggi have human rights also!
(Incidentally, Mr Paton is a very lovely man, and I have researched his family tree for him, which can be seen on his website at www.patonbutchersayrshire.co.uk - and his haggis is nice!)



  1. We have the same problem here with turkeys. The responsible thing to do would be to set up a breeding farm for the endangered species. Thus each haggis can have a little fun before he's shot, knowing he's left some little haggii heirs, and Burnsers will always have a sufficient supply of what they rhapsodize about.

  2. I'm veering more towards campaigning for a haggis genocide tribunal...!