Sunday, 12 February 2012

Rottnest Island cemetery

In the summer of 2007 I visited Perth, Western Australia, with my wife and two sons, as part of a three week holiday. During the trip we spent two days on Rottnest Island, just an hour or so away from Freemantle, and whilst there I came across the most amazing wee cemetery, which was just begging to be photographed! I previously hosted photos and a summary of those buried on my old genealogy research website, but here it is presented once more.

Thirteen people are believed to have been buried in the cemetery, though the names of only seven are known:

Luke ANKERMAN Drowned 19th Dec 1883 Age unknown

Henry PHILLIPS 7th B. Rifle Brigade Died 1st Nov 1862 Age 46 years
Emily SHEA Died 1869 Age 9 years
Queenie GURNEY Died 3rd Nov 1893 Age 6 years 4 months
Florence Mary STORRS Died 10th May 1898 Age 10 1/2 weeks
Patrick William O' DONOGHUE Died 13th Jan 1899 Age 10 weeks
Henry HALL (Father a warder) Died Unknown Age 26 days

To learn more about Rottnest Island, visit the following Wikipedia link: Rottnest Island

The following are the photos of their graves - click on each to enlarge.


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