Sunday, 7 November 2010

I see dead people...!

I see dead people - but then, as a genealogist, that goes with the job! I tend to see them in old records, their signatures, their actions recorded and more. However, my two times great grandfather, Belfast born Edwin Graham, took a more hands on approach...!

From the Irish Independent:

Wednesday, July 28th 1926

Unusual scenes were witnessed at the Belfast city cemetery at a service under the auspices Belfast Christian Spiritualists' Association. The service was held around the grave of Mrs M'Dermott, mother of Mr John M'Dermott, medium of the Association, who died three weeks ago. Upwards of a hundred Spiritualists were present. Some of them had cameras, and photographs were taken, as an official stated, of the spirits of the departed friends of those around the grave.

The service was conducted by Mr M'Dermott, and consisted of prayers, singing, and an address. Mr. Edwin Graham, secretary of the Association, said it was a very hard thing to obtain spirit photographs, and he added that the plates would be developed in a day or two, and they would then see if they had been successful. Mrs M'Dermott was a native of Glasgow, but had been in Belfast for the past year.

The Times in Britain followed up on the event:

Wednesday 18th August 1926
Belfast Spiritualists Claim

The photographs taken in Belfast City Cemetery during the burial of Mrs McDermaid, wife of Mr John McDermaid, President of the Ulster Christian Spiritualist Association, with the object of recording the spirit forms of relatives which were believed to be hovering over the grave, were produced in Belfast last night.

The photographs, say our Belfast correspondent, are apparently out of focus. They show small white clouds over the people assembled round the grave. Mr McDermaid claims that in the photographs he can see the spirit forms of three departed relatives. Mr Edwin Graham, the Secretary of the Association, is convinced that he can see his brother. The Association invites inspection of the photographs.

I have no doubt that Edwin saw spirits that day. I suspect they were more in the liquid form than the floaty, spooky kind...! :)

UPDATE: 1 APR 2011 - I visited Belfast a few days ago and located the spot where the experiment took place. See below!

I was hoping Edwin might have been hanging around, but no sign of him in this image or in one of his own grave! lol



  1. An axe murder, now a Spirtualist what next! Never a dull moment with your family:) Lucky you!