Thursday, 4 November 2010

Paton Street - flag on the moon

When I was in Brisbane last week I finally got a chance to walk down Paton Street and Bell Street on Kangaroo Point. Both streets are short walks running parallel to each other off River Terrace, which provides a fantastic view of the city centre across the River Brisbane.

Helen Paton was my four times great aunt (born 2 JAN 1813 Perth, Perthshire), the sister of my three times great gramps William Paton. She married David Bell in Perth on 15 APR 1836, and in 1849 the couple emigrated to Australia on board the Chasely, a Presbyterian migrant ship (along with the Lima and the Fortitude), organised by the Reverend John Dunmore Lang, who as it happens, was from here in Largs. David opened a hardware shop in Kangaroo Point, though ended up going bankrupt when a new bridge opened across the Brisbane, with trade no longer passing his premises. The two streets are named after both Helen and himself.

Nice to know that in years to come, somewhere on the planet there is a wee corner named after my family which will continue to exist long after I'm gone! It's not a long street, an important street, or even a particularly beautiful looking street. But that doesn't matter - it's Paton Street - and therefore the genealogical equivalent, as far as I am concerned, of a flag planted on the moon! :)


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  1. Hi Chris,
    I'm also a Paton, although my great great grandfather, David Paton does not seem to be your ancestor. David Paton born in Mauchline, Ayrshire on 7 Aug 1791. He immigrated to Australia and purchased a 2000 acre property in Goulburn NSW.
    I was in Scotland in 2008 and while in Aberdeen happened to come across a Paton Street, did you know about that one?